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Lots of me! ;)

Hullo! I smiled when I saw this community. It's so nice to see other people spelling Hayley the correct way. I'm an 18-year old Hayley in her second year of college as an English major.

I remember I had one teacher in 11th grade who called me "Hail Bop" all year long, even though I kept telling him that my name wasn't spelled the same way as the comet, and a different teacher that same year who called me "Comet" even after I explained to him the same deal. How frustrating! I try to tell people that it's spelled like Hayley Mills, except that it seems less and less people recognize her name these days. Ah well.

Anyroad, nice to meet you all! :)

-Hayley Joy (which is much nicer than Haley Joel)
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